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My name is Jason
and I am excited
to bring modern web
and infrastructure TEK to your business.

Modern teams require modern technology.

I help small and medium sized businesses with utilizing the latest technologies to create a modern web presence and infrastructure.

A tight budget and a small team can use enterprise grade technologies at a fraction of the cost, and I can help you do that.

By making functional products, gorgeous designs, and brands that resonate, I help small to medium companies clear hurdles, achieve faster growth and to do it with a modern stack.

Lets get excited about your project, together

Robotic Process Automation

Automating the process of data entry and data extraction is achievable and affordable.

Modern Technology Custom Solutions Real Talk and Clear Understanding

Your Business is the Future

Our world needs your success... success that you and your team deserve

Lets Talk

Need someone to give you real, focused answers to questions you may not even know to ask? There's probably a lot you wish you could understand better about your technology. I can help.
How I can help

A decade-long collaboration with clients through-out the midwest and US at large has outlined 3 systematic project models that help my clients get results.

  • Project Based

    Rooted in clearly defined scope and requirements, individual projects use an iterative process that targets specific goals. I will support you in making critical decisions, assist in distilling your objective, and help you get there with proven processes. No variables, no hidden expenses, no facade — only mutual gains. And then some. Backed by project growth, project based arrangements often naturally grow into retainer based arrangements.

  • Retainer

    With monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly retainers across all of my services and structured timely execution with weekly updates, I can be an extension of your team — a long-term partner that will help you scale and your team focus on what comes next. Depending on your needs, experience has taught me that retainers work best as continued support, stacked on top of individual projects.

  • A la carte

    What makes some relationships special is the flexibility on both sides. So sometimes, I become one with my cient’s and will offer continued support to them by providing specific services and delivering individual components that uplift their brands and products. There is a path to solving technology obstacles without a fulltime IT team. As well, those solutions can come from someone who knows your business, your goals and will stay with you. A one-off that doesn't have to be part of a larger scope of work. No contracts, no hassle, no strings attached.

Lets talk about your next project...or just vent.